Homeopathy for Hashimoto’s healing

I have a special interest in thyroid disease and homeopathy for Hashimoto’s disease (Hashi’s), also know as autoimmune hypothroidism or autoimmune thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s is actually the root cause of 90% of underactive thyroid disease, or hypothyroidism, but as conventional practitioners rarely test for it, most people don’t even realise it is the cause of their hypothyroidism. To resolve your hypothyroidism you must also address your immune disorder if you have Hashi’s.

To understand whether you have Hashimoto’s you need to do a full thyroid panel which includes testing for, at least, TPO antibodies (there is another type of antibodies called TGA but many fewer people have this type of antibody). Having TPO antibodies confirms a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

Many GPs in the UK are not keen to test for antibodies, because conventionally, there is nothing they can do about them anyway, so they see the test as irrelevant. You should easily be able to get this test in the U.S or if you have private healthcare. I usually use Regenerus Labs Thyroid Monitor and Vitamin Home Test  which tests for CRP, Ferritin, Free T4 and Free T3, TgAb, TPO, TSH, Vit B12 and Vit D. I can order this test for you, and it gives you a more complete picture of the health of your thyroid and related organs and systems.

If you have simple hypothyroidism, without an immune element, then I can work with you to help restore your thyroid function. If you are positive for Hashi’s then it follows that it is not only your thyroid and your endocrine system which need support but also your immune system. Homeopathy and homeobotanicals for Hashimoto’s can help to bring balance back to your immune system as well as your endocrine system.

I developed my special interest in Hashimoto’s after I was diagnosed with the condition in 2014. I have never had to take Levothyroxine and I remain asymptomatic nearly a decade later with ‘normal’ thyroid results. In fact, I rarely test now and the test itself means very little to me, as I’ve come to realise that it’s how I feel that really matters. And I feel great.

So, not only from my clinical practice but also my own personal experience, I understand that hypothyroidism can be frustrating, even debilitating or overwhelming and often all-consuming, but it need not be a life sentence. Despite what you may have been told, you can recover. In fact, ‘overwhelm’ is a really common experience of thyroid patients; the source of this overwhelm is something that we will explore, as it can often be one of the triggers for your Hashi’s in the first place.

My approach is a holistic one, so in consultation we will look at the potential causes or triggers for your thyroid disease, your levels of environmental toxicity, your medical history, your lifestyle, sleep, stressors and diet as these all play a part in the current state of your health. My prescription is also holistic and may be a combination of homeopathy for Hashimoto’s, alongside homeobotanicals, empowering you to make lifestyle changes, and diet or supplement suggestions.

Because I have never had to use synthetic drugs, I have helped patients get off Levothyroxine, my patients have reduced their antibodies and resolved their symptoms – I want everyone to know that Hashi’s doesn’t have to be a life sentence, nor is it something that you have to suffer from, or take drugs for, for the rest of your life. Homeopathy helped my Hashimoto’s, has helped many, many of my patients, and it can help you too.

Would you like to be free of palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, numbness and tingling, depression, lethargy, exhaustion, lack of motivation, brain fog, aching joints, thinning hair or digestive disorders?

Or have you recently received a Hashimoto’s diagnosis and would like to get your antibodies down, get your thyroid back in balance, feel like your old self again, and avoid taking drugs such as Synthroid or Levothyroxine for the rest of your life?


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Carolyn is a very experienced and insightful homeopath. Her case perception and prescription is always spot on. Her approach is caring and empowering. I am very grateful to Carolyn for her help on my Hashimoto’s journey and would recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive guide on their quest for health


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