Where can I see you for a homeopathy appointment?

I am a homeopath in St Albans, Hertfordshire in England. But I see all my patients over Zoom, so I’m able to have a homeopathy appointment with you from anywhere in the world. I have many local patients from St Albans, but also from all over the UK, USA, Australia, Asia and Europe.

When can I see you for a homeopathy appointment?

Appointments are available to suit most time zones. I see patients from 8-6pm (GMT) Monday – Wednesday.

What happens in a homeopathy appointment – an individualised approach

In a consultation I ask lots of questions and am interested to know all about your symptoms. I might ask exactly where you feel any pain or sensation, what makes it better or worse, whether it is better or worse at any time of the day, night or season, whether you have any accompanying symptoms and when they started. Two people with the same diagnosis may have different symptoms, and symptoms that are individual to them.

Also, I will be interested in any other symptoms as, although different conditions may be labelled differently conventionally, I don’t treat disease labels. I treat you, the whole of you and all your interconnected systems, with a deep respect for the mind-body connection. I will also ask you about other areas of your life such as sleep, diet, thirst, periods, medical history, family history, likes and dislikes, stresses in your life and drugs and supplements you are currently taking,


How long is a homeopathy appointment?

Homeopathy is an individualised form of medicine. Your individual prescription is based on the information you give me, about yourself, in your consultation. Your homeopathy appointment is your opportunity to tell me everything about your health and your medical history, so that I can build an accurate, holistic picture of you as an individual. This helps me find the best remedy to help.

First appointments take one hour; follow up appointments take 30-40 minutes.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you are bringing your child to a first appointment bring their “Red Book” (UK) or a note of any conventional medication they have had.

As an adult, before your first homeopathy appointment, take some time to think about any previous medication, illnesses, surgery or hospital tests. Also bring a note of any medication or supplements you are currently taking, or have taken.


What medicine will I be given?

Homeopathic medicine, known as a remedy, are non-toxic, non-addictive, safe, gentle and effective. They are derived from natural sources. I usually prescribe them in the form of a small, sucrose pillule, although occasionally in a liquid potency (known as LMs). Homeobotanicals are always prescribed as a liquid, unless you have a skin condition and then I may make up a topical homeobotanical gel.

All instructions on how to take your remedy or homeobotanical will be provided verbally and by email after your first appointment.

I individually blend and then send homeobotanicals directly to you, so there is a small additional charge.

When you receive your prescription, you buy your homeopathic remedy directly from a homeopathic pharmacy such as Helios or Ainsworths in the UK, or Source in the States. I am a registered homeopath with Source so you can access their dispensary using me as your prescribing practitioner.

If you live in the UK I may be able to post your homeopathic remedy directly to you if I have it. If you’re local you may be able to collect it from me. If you’re a non-UK patient you will order your homeopathic remedy from a pharmacy in your region.

Do you recommend anything else alongside homeopathy?

As I take a holistic approach with homeopathy at its core, I may also recommend supplements, dietary change and self-care advice. I have found over the years, that these aspects of my prescription are often vital to a full and speedy recovery or to maintain good health.

I know supplements are expensive so I can pass on a 10% practitioner discount to you from The Natural Dispensary, Cytoplan or Lamberts. They are all excellent suppliers of clean supplements.

How many homeopathy appointments will I need?

We would usually have a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment to monitor your progress. At this follow-up we will agree a plan for future appointments. It’s usual to continue treatment for chronic complaints for 3-6 months, although each case is different and depends on many factors (such as how long you have been experiencing symptoms, other medication you are taking and your reaction to the remedy). There may be more or less appointments needed.

However, I would expect to see a response in an acute situation in hours or days.

When are you available for a homeopathy appointment?

You can make an appointment 8am – 6pm Mon – Wed (GMT) and I make time to answer emails and messages, and for free discovery calls during these hours.

But please note outside of these hours I am not available. I do not provide an emergency, out-of-hours service. In an emergency, if you are concerned about your health you are advised to contact your GP or attend A&E if appropriate. The Homeopathic Helpline in the UK is available 365 days per year on 09065 343404. This is a BT regulated number which costs £1.53 per minute, plus network extras.

If you need emergency care you must contact the emergency services.



I suffered with verrucas for over 10 years. They progressively got worse over the years. I tried all the available over the counter pharmaceutical medicine numerous times, as well as many sessions of cryotherapy and laser treatment, costing a fortune! None of it had any affect at all. Homeopathy was a last resort, but now something I wish I had done in the first instance. After a few sessions with Carolyn using homeopathic remedies, the verrucas, which were significant, are now completely gone. It’s been astounding and made a massive improvement to my confidence. Carolyn was a pleasure to work with, so thorough, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. I can’t thank her enough, and would highly recommend.



Carolyn has been treating me for several months now and she has helped me a lot with various ailments, but also with my feelings of anxiety. She is very empathetic, warm and is always there when I need her. I feel much more grounded and at ease with myself since I have met with Carolyn.



Carolyn helped me immensely with my anxiety and related stomach issues. Her comprehensive consultation process encouraged me to think clearly about each aspect of my life and I believe it allowed her to provide an accurate analysis of my problems. The homeopathic remedies that she prescribed helped me where conventional medicine hadn’t been able to. Her sensitive and empathetic manner meant I felt at ease and gave me confidence in her diagnostic abilities.



Thank you so much for your amazing expertise. For the first time in years we had a plane journey not spoilt by my son’s air sickness, and when his ears became painful your remedies helped them pop and stopped the pain. My son no longer dreads travelling by airplane and this has made such a difference to the whole family. He also suffered from frequent (up to 4 per day!) nose bleeds and not a week has gone by without at least one day when his nose would bleed for up to 45 mins. We were reluctant to undertake the rather painful medical solution and approached Carolyn to see if a homeopathic solution could be found. A homeopathic remedy was given and he has had no nose bleeds now for 3 months! Thank you so much.