Homeopathy is an individualised, holistic form of traditional medicine that is used effectively around the world.

It stimulates the human body’s powerful innate healing systems to restore balance in the body, which in turn relieves symptoms. Symptoms are seen as indications that your body is out of balance, so homeopaths use these as signposts to indicate which homeopathic remedy should be prescribed to restore balance, or homeostasis, once again.

With this approach, homeopathy is appropriate for most acute or chronic health issues. Homeopathy doesn’t treat disease labels. It is a holistic form of medicine that treats each person as an individual, with a unique history and symptom picture.

Homeopathy is not only curative but also preventative as it can strengthen our immune systems to reduce our susceptibility to developing disease.

If you would like help with a chronic illness either book a free 15 minute Zoom with me to discuss it further, or go right ahead and book a first consultation.

If I have already seen you as a patient and you now have an acute illness that you would like help with, book an acute consultation.



Carolyn has helped myself and my children with homeopathy with a whole range of conditions.  I personally suffered with mastitis whilst breastfeeding two of my children.  The second time it happened I decided to take the remedies Carolyn prescribed, before antibiotics, and within 24 hours I was on the mend.  One of my children had separation anxiety, especially when being left alone at bedtime but since Carolyn’s remedies he now only needs a light on and bedtimes have become normal again!  My three children have also been helped by Carolyn for glue ear, molluscum contagiosum, conjunctivitis and with problems as varied as teething to deeper emotional problems.



I cannot really put into words how amazing Carolyn is and how she supported and helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I was diagnosed last year with a head and neck cancer, I had surgery followed by daily radiotherapy for six weeks.The treatment involved having a plastic mask made and being secured to the machine to keep me still for the treatment, awful enough for anyone but when you suffer from claustrophobia it was unimaginable how I would cope. Carolyn helped me get through it, her treatments were invaluable and my consultants could not believe how well I managed the horrific side effects. I fully believe in homeopathy and I know that what Carolyn did for me was amazing. She is a wonderful, warm, intuitive lady who helped me through the darkest of times.



Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my two girls over the last couple of years, firstly for treating my excruciatingly painful mastitis and allowing me to continue breastfeeding and for getting rid of my eldest daughter’s conjunctivitis in 24 hours, so she could go to her best friend’s party.  But, most importantly, for treating my youngest daughter’s eczema: after four years of tears, bleeding and broken skin the eczema has almost disappeared and I no longer lie in bed listening to her scratching at night. I never realised how fantastic homeopathy is, thank you so much.