Our environment is increasingly toxic; from the food we eat to the air we breathe and the water we drink, we are all exposed to potentially toxic substances.

It is possible to detox our bodies from much of the toxicity we carry, gently, using homeopathy and homeobotanicals.

Although detoxing can in itself be beneficial to our health, often we find that after a detox the way is cleared for other treatments to be more effective.

It may be apparent from your medical timeline what will be necessary to detox, but some toxicity may be hidden, such as heavy metals. In this case I use Heavy Metal Toxicity Hair Testing to assess your toxic load and prescribe the appropriate detox based on these results.

If you feel you would benefit from a detox book a FREE 15 minute Zoom to discuss it further or go right ahead and book your first consultation.


Just wanted to thank you Carolyn for everything you have done for my little girl. The eczema is now practically non-existent and Carolyn has made it possible for her to enjoy her days without being uncomfortable and in distress all the time. My daughter is now able to sleep well and start preschool soon without any worries. All without the use of steroid creams. She has come so far and we are so grateful for all of Carolyn’s help and constant support.



My consultations with Carolyn have been wonderful and a very positive experience. My treatment plan is excellent and I’m seeing improvements daily.



I am so grateful for this change in my life..I don’t remember the last time I felt normal for such a long period of time.. I am honestly so excited to see how my mind and body develop now that both are finally in peace and feeling good. I would highly recommend contacting Carolyn if you see yourself in any of the above. I had really given up and just accepted my daily struggles, but thank god I gave it another shot – otherwise nothing would ever have changed. Thank you Carolyn!