It’s so empowering to know that you can deal with ear infections naturally, rather than feeling helpless to take your little one’s pain away.

You can relieve your child’s pain without the need for anti-inflammatories, antipyretics and antibiotics in the majority of cases. This is good to know as earache often seems to come on in the middle of the night when you can’t get to a GP!

Safe and effective

Homeopathy has a great track record in treating otitis media (ear infection), showing in trials that it is as effective as conventional treatment.

Ear infections are so common among babies and children because they often have narrow eustachian tubes – the drainage canal that runs from ear, to the nose and throat. These narrow tubes can get easily blocked if there is excess catarrh. This catarrh then becomes trapped behind the eardrum, causing it to bulge, with accompanying intense pain. If the eardrum bursts there will be a discharge of thick, yellow pus which will relieve the pain and the eardrum will heal. Don’t worry, just keep it clean.

Although frequent ruptures aren’t ideal, if there’s a huge and painful build-up of pus, the body needs to get rid of it and the easiest way is through the eardrum. Often, after giving a remedy, the child will sleep and the ear drum may burst painlessly to allow the pus to drain, or the body will absorb the pus without a rupture.

Three top tips to deal with ear infections naturally at home

• Using a dropper, put a few drops of warm olive oil in the ear to ease discomfort.
• If the eardrum has perforated, don’t let your child swim or put their head underwater in the bath until the discharge has completely cleared up.
• Wear a swim hat if your child is prone to earache after swimming.

Time to take a trip to the GP

• Should you see any any swelling and/or redness behind the ear in the bony area that causes pain, this may indicate a more serious infection.
• If there is extreme pain that is accompanied by a high fever, stiff neck, headache and drowsiness – or pains elsewhere.

Top seven remedies to deal with ear infection naturally

Try the remedy that matches the symptoms your child has, most closely. You can use a 30c, but I often find 200c is more appropriate for the intensity of ear infections. Give one pillule every 30 – 60 minutes. For less intense pain, give three times daily. If you’re unsure of which remedy to choose feel free to make an acute consultation with me and I can help you.

1. Aconite
Try this if the pain comes on very suddenly and painfully, maybe after your child has been outside in a cold wind without a hat. The pain may come on around midnight.

2. Belladonna
If Belladonna is needed, the pain will also have come on quickly, as with Aconite, but the ear, and maybe the face too, will be red and hot. There may be a high fever and your child will look a little wide-eyed – with dilated pupils. The pain may come on after swimming, or a haircut. If your child is able to, they may describe the pain as throbbing.

3. Chamomilla
This is great for a really painful earache. Your child will be irritable, angry and very hard to please. Baby’s screaming may only stop if they are carried. The ear may be red, as will one cheek, and they really won’t want you to touch it.

In my experience, the three remedies above will relieve about 75% of ear infections, but there are a few others I’ve used successfully in practice.

4. Pulsatilla
If your child is clingy, miserable and tearful, think of Pulsatilla. They will want your attention and lots of cuddles. This pain will be less intense; a low grade pain that will often feel better if they are outside in the fresh air. The earache may be accompanied by a stuffy cold with yellowish/greenish catarrh.

5. Silica
This is the remedy to use to clear up a lingering discharge, maybe after a ruptured eardrum.

6. Hepar Sulph
If your child has a thick, heavy cold, full of green catarrh accompanying their earache, think of Hepar Sulph. Any discharge from the ear may also be greenish. Your child will be really irritable and sensitive to almost everything! They may like a hot water bottle against the affected ear and describe the pain as throbbing.

7. Mercury
This is for a more severe ear infection when the glands and throat may also be swollen, there may even be tonsillitis. Discharge from the ear may be tinged with blood. Your child might be very sweaty and sensitive to cold or heat.

A lot of the remedies I mention in these blogs can be bought in one kit from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy. It’s a great idea to have one of these kits in the house for home prescribing.

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