Hashi’s doesn’t mean your sex drive is lost forever.

Do you remember when you last saw your libido?

Maybe it was last seen just before your Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Around the time when you lost a few other things very precious to you like your energy, your hair and your ability to remember names.

Joy of sex

But it’s no joke. Hashi’s patients describe themselves as having “zero libido”, “libido non-existent”, “less libido and joie de vivre” and “my libido has gone way downhill”, but it often isn’t a symptom that is prioritised. Yet a healthy sex life brings joy, fun and a unique connection and intimacy, without which we can feel isolated, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Is it my hormones?

A study in 2018 showed that antibodies play a more important role in low libido in women than thyroid hormone levels themselves. This goes some way to explain why so many Hashi’s patients have ‘normal’ thyroid hormone levels but still have no sex drive, as conventional thyroid meds don’t reduce antibodies.

Too stressed for sex

Supporting your adrenals is hugely important in reviving your libido. Chronic stress, which is often the root cause of Hashimoto’s, leads to persistently raised cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced by the adrenals, and it is its role to keep the body fuelled up during stressful times.

However, in order to maintain cortisol levels your body will stop producing other, less critical-to-survival hormones, such as testosterone and its precursor DHEA – which are vital to our sex drive. Eventually your adrenals become exhausted and are no longer able to meet your demands for such high levels of cortisol, leaving you with both low cortisol and low testosterone causing both exhaustion and a long-gone libido.

Finding your libido again

Here are 5 top tips you can do:

  • work on your adrenal health with your homeopath to restore hormonal balance
  • reduce your antibodies as well optimising your thyroid hormones with homeopathic remedies that address both your immune and endocrine dysfunction
  • get some sleep – better quality and quantity of sleep help to raise DHEA levels
  • supplement with selenium to reduce anxiety that may have built up around having sex, studies have shown it can reduce anxiety in Hashi’s
  • consider the Peruvian herb Maca, which studies have shown can improve libido in both men and women – as an adaptagen it also helps in restoring adrenal function

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