Photo credit: Matt Collamer

One night, many years ago now, I was abruptly woken around midnight by my heart pounding so violently I thought my husband must’ve been able to see it beating through my chest! It was also racing seriously fast. It lasted about 45 minutes – and it was terrifying.

Thanks to homeopathy I haven’t had a racing heart for a long time now.

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OK, when I’m really going for it in a spin class my heart rate feels as fast as the bpm on the track, but that’s as it should be. My heart does its job perfectly; working harder when I need it to, but otherwise it’s calm and quiet. It does its remarkable task peacefully, without any drama.

That first time was my worst experience of palpitations – or tachycardia – and it led to my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. But for a couple of years after that – I regularly suffered palpitations. They were never as dramatic again, but were always unnerving, sometimes upsetting or even frightening and many times just downright annoying – “I’m trying to sleep!”

You are unique

Many Hashimoto’s patients experience palpitations, but they will manifest differently in different people. And this individual experience of palpitations is critical for a homeopath to understand when deciding on a remedy to help.

So whether your palpitations feel like a hammering, or a squeeze; are worse on falling asleep or after eating; cause your whole body shake, or are more fluttery; or if they’re worse when you’re lying down or during your period, these indications, individual to you, will help your homeopath decide on a remedy that will help you.

Because there’s nobody else like you, and what helps one person may not be right for the next. Conventional medicine just can’t account for our individuality in the same way.

But I’m hypothyroid!

So all the books will tell you that it’s hyperthyroidism which causes a racing heart, so how come so many people with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism also experience palpitations.

​Unfortunately, people with Hashi’s may experience both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms. This is because as thyroid cells are destroyed by automimmune antibodies, toxic levels of stored thyroid hormones are released into the circulation, known as thyrotoxicosis or Hashitoxicosis, causing temporary hyperthyroidism.

So your homeopathic remedy doesn’t solely address your palpitations, but also the underlying cause of them, and works to reduce your antibodies and support your thyroid.

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