One of the questions I ask when people want to join my Hashimoto’s Facebook group is: what symptom of Hashi’s do you struggle with the most? And the answers are so often “exhaustion”, “no energy”, “I’m tired all the time”.

Energy levels are something I always explore in a homeopathic consultation with a patient because not only can patterns in energy highs and lows guide me to a particular remedy to help, but also because good, consistent energy is one of the key indicators of good health.

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But my thyroid levels are ‘normal’

However, conventional medicine likes to put people in boxes, so if you’re a Hashimoto’s patient, you’re seen as having a problem with your thyroid and that’s what your doctor will almost solely focus on. But treating hypothyroidism without considering the adrenals is one of the biggest reasons people continue to feel exhausted despite using Synthroid, or Levothyroxine.

You might initially feel more energetic after starting thyroid meds, but this can be followed by feeling worse, until you’re right back where you started before you began the synthetic hormones. When you go back to your GP, you’re told that your bloods are ‘normal’ and you’re left feeling a bit mad – as well as exhausted!

But the cause of your exhaustion – and actually many of your other symptoms associated with Hashi’s – is likely to be adrenal fatigue. This adrenal insufficiency is caused by low cortisol, which is one of the hormones, along with adrenaline, that the adrenals produce.

Cortisol influences many functions in the body including sex drive, energy and regulating body fat, but it is also an anti-inflammatory hormone. So you can begin to see why low cortisol might be such a problem in Hashimoto’s, but also why you might still be exhausted even though your thyroid bloods are ‘normal’. However, conventional doctors only recognise Addison’s disease as adrenal dysfunction – adrenal fatigue is not a medical diagnosis and they don’t test for it.

Homeopathy however sees you as a whole person and recognises the complex dance that the hormones of your endocrine system choreograph every day. One hormone affects the other, and the thyroid and adrenals (and hypothalamus) are inextricably linked (more on the influence of this HPA axis later). So your homeopath will not only support your thyroid but also your adrenals – as well as any other organ or system of your body which needs help – to restore you to whole health.

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Self care

Why don’t you also try some Chinese reflexology yourself to help give you an energy boost? You can read the full article on how to do this yourself and incorporate this into your self-care routine here