Have you ever asked, “But why has my thyroid started to under function?” or “Why is my immune system creating antibodies that are damaging my thyroid?”.

Although root cause is rarely given much consideration by conventional medicine, you may still have that nagging feeling that your root cause could be important. I’m here to tell you to listen to your body, it has infinite wisdom and is your path to healing; knowing your root cause can play a big part in your recovery.

There are many different triggers, or root causes, for Hashimoto’s and it’s likely that there will have been a number of these during your lifetime that have caused an inflammatory response in your immune system, creating antibodies that have caused your hypothryroidism. Common triggers include parasites, EBV, candida, leaky gut, antibiotics, steroids, emotional trauma, stress and hormonal contraceptives.

By using homeopathic remedies to drain hormonal contraceptives, clear the candida, detox the EBV or release symptoms that were caused by an emotional trauma, you can restore your health and, in combination with homeobotanicals, nutritional support, superfoods and self-care, can create an even higher level of health.

When these root causes that have affected you on a physical, mental or emotional level are released, it creates space for positive improvement in your health, the reduction of antibodies and the restoration of balance.

Drop me a line to dig into those roots.